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Management Philosophy/President’s Message

Corporate Legacy

Customer Satisfaction First

Since we were established in 1968, we have continued to grow under the banner of “Customer Satisfaction First”.
It is no exaggeration to say that the value provided by a trading company in the days of our founder was determined by the quality of goods and logistics. We were strategically committed to setting up a base near customers and delivering what was needed when required as quickly as possible. The result was a nationwide expansion of our locations, and we continue to strive to provide this value to our customers today.
However, times change. Customers’ voices also change. If we stick to providing the same value alone forever, it may become obsolete without our knowledge, and we may even find the value of the company’s existence becoming in jeopardy.

We aspire to be a company keeping up with the times by constantly creating and offering new value to our customers.

New Challenges

Making a mistake can expand our capabilities and dreams.

Not just a vendor that sells goods, we are a provider of high added-value proposals that only we can make –
In order to achieve my ideal of being a “manufacturer-type trading company that continues to take on the challenge of new value creation”, I keep in mind to think outside the box and to make quick decisions without fear of failure.
Business opportunity is usually born in a few casual words from a customer. Such words would grow into valuable “seeds of challenge”, which can only be recognized through face-to-face communication.
I wish to eventually establish such a corporate culture where every one of the employees would take the initiative and play a role of sprouting and nurturing the “seeds”. Top management including myself and some of the employees have already taken the lead and been striving to fulfill this role. I am truly proud of the businesses that have sprouted and grown as a result.
Of course, there have been attempts that were sometimes regarded as failures. However, such experiences have always turned out to be valuable lessons learned. Looking back on each of such attempts, every experience led to a success next time. I believe that “making a mistake can expand our capabilities and dreams” and that we can grow into a stronger company by demonstrating this attitude myself.

Management Philosophy

Shaping the Corporate Future

We seek to constantly create new added value, to always evolve as a company and to ensure that our customers as well as all of the employees feel satisfied and free from care.

This is the management philosophy of our company.
When we were founded, due to the historical background of the times, working ourselves to the bone for customers by looking at customers only was esteemed as justice and virtue. Today, however, our way of working is required to realize the happiness not only of customers but also of family members and colleagues who support us. This philosophy is now shared on a global scale and mentioned in the Sustainable Development Goals.

“Business changes value to offer with the times.”
“Companies can bring happiness to customers by seeking to make their employees happy.”

As the top management of this company that aims to run for 100 years and beyond, I have incorporated in the management philosophy my ideas on how to take our company to the next stage. I will continue to challenge myself to ensure that each and every one of our employees can embody the philosophy in their work.


Osamu Nishimura

Representative Director, President