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Normal inspection flow chart

Normal inspection flow chart Normal inspection flow chart

Inspection customization

  • Aging


    Aging for a requested time period before an image quality inspection helps detect hidden defects

  • Tapping


    Tapping a specific point on a panel inspection screen with a tapping jig to cause vibration can detect abnormalities in the screen and hidden foreign materials.

  • Statistical management

    Statistical management

    We can summarize defective rates and manage data variability in process control charts according to a customer’s request.

  • Microscopic examination

    Microscopic examination

    Using microscope magnification, defects that cannot be detected with a visual inspection, such as broken terminals and wiring, can be inspected.

  • Heating test

    Heating test

    If there is a request to heat a specific part, we can control the temperature and heating time and carry out heating in the inspection flow.


In case of concentration failure, we will conduct a primary analysis (visual inspection) immediately.

  • Equipment
  • Optical Microscope: 1 x Nikon Eclipse L300D, 300mm wafer inspection microscope, measuring function (software)
  • Performance
  • Movies

    Image filing


    2D measurement (distance between two points, diameter, distance between two circles, line width distance, X-Y distance)

    Time-lapse shooting/playback Total Magnification 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000×

Optical Microscope

Analysis result report

  • Array

    Microphotographs of the array and CF surface (location and classification)

    Analysis result : Array
  • Cell

    Collection of polarizing plate debris and its microphotographs (location and classification)
    Microphotographs of the glass surface (flaws, etc.) (location and classification)

    Analysis result : Cell
  • Module

    Microphotographs of FPCs, etc.
    Collection of backlight debris and its microphotographs (classification)

    Analysis result : Module
Analysis result


  • Transporting a repairable defective product to an overseas factory, and getting it repaired and sent back to Japan will inevitably result in high shipping costs.

    Defective products
  • Defective products Defective products
  • If NYS detects a defective product,
    we can repair it in Japan.


Repair examples

* We can handle other items. Contact us for more information.

  • Foreign object entrapment

    Foreign object entrapment

    Foreign object caught in a gap between frames

    The frame is taken off and the foreign object is removed.

  • Deformed frames

    Deformed frames

    A deformed frame

    The frame is replaced with a new one.

  • Unstuck board

    Unstuck board

    The double-sided tape came off and the board came unstuck.

    The tape is removed and a new piece of double-sided tape is put on.

  • Torn or peeling tapes

    Torn or peeling tapes

    Torn or peeling conductive tape and insulating tape

    The tape is removed and a new one is put n.

  • Foreign object in backlight

    Foreign object in backlight

    Foreign object between the backlight and the LC glass

    The backlight is taken off to remove the foreign object and reinstalled.