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Products For Semiconductor/FPD Applications

High-purity chemicals and gases manufactured overseas


We provide high quality chemicals at lower costs.
Adopting overseas products can contribute to dealing with BCP.

Dry vacuum pump

LOT Vacuum develops, manufactures and sells vacuum pumps for semiconductor and FPD manufacturing processes.
LOT Vacuum is the No. 1 manufacturer with a market share of more than 80% in CVD processes in the Korean semiconductor market, with the sales record of more than 20,000 units worldwide.


A hybrid vacuum pump that combines screw and roots types has been developed.
Its high displacement capacity reduces noise and power consumption.

Endpoint detector

This detector monitors a deposition process by measuring current, voltage, phase angle, impedance, etc. When an error is detected in the process chamber, it stops the system and improves yield. It also optimizes the endpoint during cleaning and contributes to reducing the amount of cleaning gases such as NF3 and to extending the service life of process kits such as a shower head.


Endpoint detection based on impedance provides greater reliability than optical detectors.
It has no parts to replace due to degradation (such as an optical window) and thus is maintenance free.
It is applicable to various types of semiconductor, FPD, solar cell and PECVD/CVD equipment: AMAT, LAM/Novellus, SPTS, AKT, ULVAC, etc.

Metal impurity analysis system

WCS M300: Automated all-in-one VPD-ICP-MS system

This system is capable of high sensitivity analysis of metal contamination on wafers at sub-ppt level.
This is a fully automated VPD-ICP-MS system that automates everything from sampling, pre-treatment to post-cleaning with a high level of safety.


It is a system that integrates Sampling/VPD/ICP-MS in one space-saving housing.
Automated operation is achieved, from pre-treatment through to post-treatment, due to ICP-MS system calibration, automatic cleaning of sample tubes, self-diagnosis of cleanliness, and automatic preparation of scanning and cleaning solutions.

OCIM: On-line chemical impurity monitoring system

This system is capable of on-line/real-time analysis of metallic impurities in chemicals, UPW and gases at sub-ppt level.
This is a fully automated sampling and analysis system that is safe and prevents sample contamination.


Everything from sampling, pre-treatment, measurement through to post-cleaning can be done fully automatically with this on-line monitoring system.
Up to 60 channels can be measured with one main unit.
Leak sensors that can be used for the interlock system and gas detectors are equipped.

Scrubber & Chiller

We provide scrubbers and chillers of UNISEM, a leading manufacturer in Korea.

  • Back-Up function

  • Low cost

  • Space-saving

  • Energy-saving

  • Compatible with all gases

  • Superb maintenance services

UNISEM is a leading manufacturer of scrubbers and chillers for semiconductor and LCD processes in Korea.
Especially for scrubbers, they offer a wide range of product types such as combustion, plasma, heater and hybrid to meet various characteristics of production process and process gas, and the amount of waste gas treatment, etc.
Several hundred units have been installed in Japan, and the flexibility to deal with customized designs is highly regarded.


With scrubbers, we excel in CVD processes where large capacity is required and a large amount of by-product is produced.
We are also focusing on R&D of next generation equipment for both scrubbers and chillers, targeting energy saving and size reduction.
We provide optimal equipment designs and coherent after-sales servicing from system start-up to maintenance work through collaboration of UNISEM’s experience and local support by NISHIMURA CHEMITECH.


  • System overview (example)
  • 1. Type:Plasma type
  • 2. High abatement performance for PFC, THC and NOx gases
  • 3. Equipped with a drying system or a dehumidifier to minimize moisture amount in the exhaust
  • 4. Safety interlock system & explosion-proof construction
  • 5. Equipped with an energy-saving system to realize relatively low running costs
  • 6. Easy operation & simplified maintenance
  • 7. Corrosion resistant structure
  • 8. S-Mark Certified
  • Abatement target gases
  • 1. PFC gases: NF3, C2F6, SF6, CF4, C3F8, etc.
  • 2. Flammable gases: SiH4, PH3, TEOS, H2, DCS, etc.
  • 3. Water-Soluble gases: Cl2, HCl, HF, NH3, etc.


  • Specifications and performance data (example)
  • Specification: 1 channel
  • Temperature range: -20°C to +80°C
  • Temperature control range: ±0.01°C (idle state 0)
  • Cooling capacity: 6,000W at +20°C
  • Refrigerant flow rate: 20 LPM
  • Tank capacity: 6.5 L
  • Refrigerant flow rate: FC-3285
  • Size(mm): 500 (w) x 500 (D) x 500 (H)
  • Compressor (scroll): 0.5 kW to 1.5 kW (inverter)
  • Heater (cartridge): 3.0 kW
  • Communication: Analog and Serial
  • Evaluation Item: Load test at 20°C
  • Return temperature: 23.1°C
  • Supply temperature: 20°C
  • Temperature drift: Idling: ±0.01°C / Operating: ±0.1°C
  • Power consumption: 1.7 kWh
  • Key features
  • 1. Improved load response ability
  • 2. Energy saving
  • 3. Optimal trend response
  • 4. Compact size
  • Special notes
  • Immediate response with high accuracy
  • Power reduction through cascade control
  • Power optimization with inverter control of compressor and pump
  • Optimal temperature control with EEV & hot gas valve control
  • Minimized chiller size with optimal layout design


Support structure Support structure
Sales Gr.

*Mediation & negotiation with customers/UNISEM

*Determining specifications and handling trouble calls, etc.

F/E Gr.

*System startup, servicing, maintenance, troubleshooting

UNISEM resident staff

*Detailed feedback to the home country
(Otherwise, the same as the F/E Group)

Sales Gr.

*Overall support required to expand business in Japan

Electrical/Design Gr.

*Hardware and software specification design

*Design proposals for retrofit/improvement

R&D Gr.

*Research and experiments to improve abatement efficiency and reduce running costs, mainly.