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Quality Policy/Environmental Policy

  • ISO9001
    Quality Management System


    • JAB
    • JQA UKAS

    NISHIMURA CHEMITECH CO., LTD. and its group companies will promote the activities aimed for in the Quality Policy, which was established to provide the highest quality products and services that satisfy customers, positioning as one of its management issues the provision of reliable products that meet diversifying customer needs.

    Quality Policy

    Improving Customer Satisfaction

    We will act with integrity and agility, understanding customers’ perspectives and meeting their diversifying needs.

    1. We will meet customer requirements for products and services by implementing process management.
    2. We will make consistent improvements by checking the performance and effectiveness of our quality management system in our business activities and reviewing the results.
    3. We will seek customer satisfaction by thoroughly enforcing our quality policy through training and education.

    NISHIMURA CHEMITECH CO., LTD.  Representative Director, President  Osamu Nishimura
  • ISO14001
    Environmental Management System


    • JAB

    NISHIMURA CHEMITECH CO., LTD. and its group companies will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through careful consideration to the environmental impact of all business activities, efforts for environmental protection, provision of products and services that help protect the global environment and maximized effective use of all the management resources, positioning as one of its management issues the consideration to the global environment as well as to the use of chemical substances contained in our products.

    Environmental Policy

    Towards Harmony between Nature and Society

    • 1. In order to contribute to reducing the environmental burden on the society and customers, we will strive to prevent pollution of the local and global environment through pursuit of new, environmental-friendly technologies, processes and materials as well as provision of products and services that consider chemical substances contained in our products, while making consistent improvements.
    • 2. We will not only comply with the relevant laws, regulations and other requirements recognized by the environmental protection organization, but also consistently work towards a symbiosis between business operations and the natural environment.
    • 3. We, being a corporate citizenship company, will strive to act in an environmentally conscious manner and set and promote specific environmental goals and measures for business activities with less environmental impact and for environmental protection.
      (1) We will appropriately deal with hazardous substances that have a significant impact on the environment.
      (2) We will reduce the environmental impact by providing environmentally friendly products.
      (3) We will promote energy saving, resource conservation and the 3R’s.
    • 4. We will deepen the employees’ understanding of this policy and raise their environmental awareness by providing all of them with environmental education so that they can practice and maintain continuous environmental improvements in their work recognizing that each and every one of them is responsible for part of the product life cycle. We make the policy well known to our partner companies involved in our business activities, and seek and support their active efforts in environmental conservation.
    • 5. We will communicate with local communities and improve our environmental performance.
    NISHIMURA CHEMITECH CO., LTD.  Representative Director, President  Osamu Nishimura
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