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Supporting major manufacturers’ success in the background

NISHIMURA CHEMITECH was established in 1968 as Nishimura Yakuhin Sangyo Co., Ltd.
In the history of Japan’s electronic components industry from 1950 to 1970, the period up to around 1955 is considered to be the turbulent and settling period after the war in the sector of electronic components and electronics, and the subsequent period is considered to be the beginning and developing period of high economic growth. The high economic growth period saw the emergence of major manufacturers of consumer electronics as the household electrification boom arrived. It was an era in which the Japanese electrical industry underwent drastic changes: mass-production automation machines were introduced for parts manufacturing and the overseas expansion became well under way.
Nishimura Yakuhin Sangyo, which had just been founded, strived hard to establish surface treatment technology for electronic components, and eventually grew to be indispensable for major manufacturers. If electronic product manufacturers were the “heroes of the times”, then NISHIMURA was the one who strongly supported their success in the background. In the 1970s, NISHIMURA served as a technical mentor for major electronic product manufacturers, and was highly regarded as a “plating consultant”. This was the highest honor for NISHIMURA; the reputation has been inherited and NISHIMURA still has a strong presence in the industry.
How was this accomplished?
It was not about sales figures. Sales figures are important, but we could not have achieved this level of success if we had had a corporate culture where we were willing to sacrifice anything to increase sales figures.

NISHIMURA had a firm determination to “realize the dreams of customers together”, a high spirit of enterprise to adopt new technologies and values and a high ability to acquire what was lacking and put it into practice at an amazing pace. Above all, NISHIMURA had an unwavering commitment to “Customer Satisfaction First,” placing the highest priority on sharing customers’ visions.
Times may have changed, business expanded, but what NISHIMURA value has remained and will remain the same.

Delivering our products promptly whenever necessary and wherever required

Sales of materials and equipment are the core business of NISHIMURA CHEMITECH.
In particular the surface treatment field is the founding business of our company, and we pursue a customer’s-convenience-oriented strategy, “Stock & Delivery”, with a nationwide expansion of our locations. Rather than simply being a wholesaler that lays in and sells goods, we are committed to providing value that includes technical support, and we greatly esteem the spirit of “Customer Satisfaction First,” which is to “stay as close to customers as possible and deliver our products promptly whenever necessary and wherever required”.
Of the sales of materials and equipment, the semiconductor and flat panel display (FPD) field got into the business later, but it is now one of the indispensable growing businesses.

As a trading company function, we deal with products in three major fields: process materials, consumables and facility/ancillary equipment. Of these, for the sales of facility/ancillary equipment, we have embarked on a new business beyond the framework of a general trading company.
As for scrubbers, for instance, we have developed a highly difficult, proactive management type of equipment maintenance service in parallel with the sales of high-performance products. Scrubber is a product for which maintenance is essential as its inside wears heavily, and we had to spend a lot of time and effort to acquire support capabilities rivalling those of the manufacturer. As a result, we succeeded in providing customers with “experiential value”, beyond mere provision of products, in the form of their experiencing “stable operation of high quality overseas-made scrubbers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year”. We have been strengthening our presence as a technical support trading company.
As for chemical/slurry delivery systems, we have developed a business that provides original customization of equipment to suit customers’ needs and also a business that provides equipment design and manufacturing from scratch. These are growing businesses that have been receiving more inquiries year by year because of the unique value they create by making full use of proprietary technology developed from our past experience.
These businesses are novel attempts for a trading company, which were born out of NISHIMURA’s business spirit of “we shall do whatever we can for our customers”.

Facing customer needs earnestly with “Customer Satisfaction First”

As in the semiconductor field, we are challenging new business areas in the flat panel display (FPD) field.
On-site TCM, which continuously provides a stable supply of chemicals needed at factories 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and subcontract-based panel inspection services that require the highest level in Japan. Both are subcontract-based services in which our staff settle in a corner of a customer’s factory to compensate for labor shortages and contribute to improving productivity and quality.
The on-site TCM, which has evolved from our chemical sales business, was born out of a deep understanding of customer needs at a level that can be considered an exemplar of marketing. What customers want is not “chemicals”, precisely speaking. What they want is “a situation in which a stable supply of chemicals is guaranteed”. Initially, customers themselves were responsible for the “stable supply” part, but as NISHIMURA took on that part as well, the business has evolved into a higher value-added service.
The inspection business is a business that could be only born from the way of thinking of NISHIMURA, who is very familiar with the factory conditions of customers. Large companies used to have the idea of making all kinds of operations in-house, and inspection work was no exception. However, as the division of labor progressed with the times and actively utilizing external resources began to be encouraged, the demand for companies with better inspection skills and after-sales care functions increased. Since inspection processes are indispensable at factories, NISHIMURA built a team of capable staff with the best visual inspection skills in Japan and started a subcontract-based service.

NISHIMURA CHEMITECH will always put customers first with its “Customer Satisfaction First” principle, believing that the happiness of our employees lies ahead of this corporate ideology.
The aspirations of NISHIMURA CHEMITECH are equally evident in its founding business, which formed the basis of the company, as well as in the new businesses, which were born to keep up with the changing times and customers.
“We create value – tomorrow if not today.” This is the unchanging value that NISHIMURA CHEMITECH hold.