Design & manufacturing of

Slurry/Chemical Delivery Systems


1. To be an engineering group who can create and propose new technologies and high value-added equipment
2. To design and manufacture original equipment based on the concept of “Face and solve problems that arise on site” and to contribute to tackling such users’ challenges as “cost reduction”, “quality improvement”, “longer facility life” and “automation”

ADVANTAGES: Slurry/Chemical Delivery Systems: Design & Manufacturing

  • Proposal of equipment customization

    Proposal of equipment customization

    We offer design proposals that raise the functionality of equipment to the next level. Contact us for completely original designs.

  • Total cost reduction

    Total cost reduction

    We offer proposals for performance improvement to achieve total cost reductions.

  • Low trouble rate

    Low trouble rate

    Our design policy is to meet users’ needs with safety-first concept. Our multi-stage check mechanism can prevent problems from happening.

  • Quick & Fast Response

    Quick & Fast Response

    We aim to respond in about 1/2 the time of other companies.


Our individually designed and manufactured products are introduced in this video.

  • Slurry dilution & delivery system

  • Valve Box

  • Chemical dilution & delivery system

  • Drum cabinet for undiluted chemicals

Slurry dilution & delivery system (Slurry Supply)

Chemical dilution & delivery system (Chemical Supply)


NYS’s unique chemical mixing method can achieve “high efficiency”, “high accuracy” and “lower cost” in a simple mechanism without using complicated equipment. 

Example: An in-line mixing system developed in-house

An in-line mixing system developed in-house An in-line mixing system developed in-house

The “Mixer” and “Tank” functions are both mounted in the piping.

The “Mixer” and “Tank” functions are both mounted in the piping.

Conventional methods …

mix chemicals and water in one tank.


  • * Impurities (dirt) could easily get into the tank.
  • * Only one mixing can be done per one tank.
  • * For a continuous dispensation, a mixing tank and a supply tank need to be installed separately.
  • * The only way to increase productivity is to increase the number of tanks, which requires larger physical footprint.
Chemicals and water are mixed in one tank.

method …

mixes chemicals and water in the piping before they enter a tank.

mixes chemicals and water in the piping before they enter a tank.


  • (1) Space saving

    Mixing and stirring can be done simultaneously in the piping, and the number of tanks and the footprint can be minimized.

  • (2) High-precision mixing

    No need to worry about impurities getting into the tank as mixing is done in the piping without being exposed to the outside air.

  • (3) High-efficiency operation

    Since mixing processes are completed before the fluids go into the tank, the mixed fluid in the tank can be replenished even during a dispensation process.
    Also, chemical concentration can be easily changed.

  • (4) Improved productivity

    Continuous monitoring of concentration during dispensation processes ensures a stable supply.
    Mixing processes can be done continuously (with real-time monitoring function).

  • (5) Lower cost

    Achieving (1) through (4) results in total cost reduction.

Buffer tank

How we achieve high-precision mixing

The key to improving the mixing accuracy is to pay close attention to the accuracy of equipment used in the process before mixing chemicals and water.
NISHIMURA CHEMITECH jointly develop such equipment with equipment manufacturers as system equipment, pressure gauges, flow meters and piping nozzles to improve the equipment accuracy.

How we achieve high-precision mixing

Replenishing operation

Mixed fluid is stored in a tank and then dispensed into POUs (chemical bottles, etc.).
We offer a function to adjust the amount of fluid stored in the tank: when the mixed fluid volume decreases, a sensor detects the drop in the fluid level to start a replenishing mixing to bring the level back to a constant level.

Replenishing operation


Our staff make every effort to accommodate various types of requests.

  • A request from a company who seeks a solution proposal type of development

    “To develop a cutting-edge product, we want you to join us from the very start and give advice.”

  • A request from a company who is interested in original customization

    “We want to increase productivity by customizing the equipment to suit our company’s needs.”

  • A request from a client who wishes to convert their technology

    “We want to make the most of our semiconductor equipment manufacturing technology in a new field.”



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